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Todd Hampton

Todd Hampton

I don't know exactly when Todd died, perhaps in the late 80's or early 90's. We became very close after high school. He learned how to play the guitar and encouraged me to learn as well. When we were good enough we started doing the music ministry on Search retreats. Todd had many other talents, I remember that he was a professional magician as well. He amazed me time after time, making things disappear or appear. He was kind and good to everyone, and anyone who met him instantly fell in love with him. God must have had a special mission for him in heaven to call him so young. I miss you good friend! ~Cathy Rivera Roche

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10/06/09 11:45 AM #1    

John Kinder

Todd was one of my best friends and lived right around the corner from me until I left home in 1979. I remember playing together as kids and performing magic with him. I was so proud of the high school football team supporting Todd by attending his fathers funeral service. Todd had a very gentle heart and found joy in performing magic and playing music. He was one of those fun kind of people to hang around with. He didn't ask for much, he just wanted to be your friend. He made a huge impact on my life and because of that, my oldest son is named after him. I will never forget Todd and I know that he is with the Lord and forever at peace. I'm looking forward to seeing him again some day.
---John Kinder

10/07/09 09:30 AM #2    

Monica Garduno (Beus)

Todd Hampton is one of the most honest, sincere, hopeful, good hearted human beings I have EVER known. Todd was a man of incredible integrity, even as a teenager. His example of what it means to have "great character" has been a guiding force for me throughout my life. I'm sure it was a great reunion in Heaven for him and his father!

10/07/09 10:30 PM #3    

Armando Gallego

I can still remember meeting Todd at Apollo Jr. High, we hit it off and became friends. What a nice guy, he was so kind, respectful and funny in a quiet sort of way.I can remember pleading and begging and at times offering him a bribe, to reveal and disclose the secrets of his magic tricks. All through our Apollo years until we graduated from High school, He never fell for it, he never revealed anything, just smiled.
I had the privilege of being Todd's teammate as an Apollo Eagle and of course all our years as Blue Devils. He was tough as nails and a hell of an athlete. Through Todd I also met his best friend and our teammate and one hell of an athlete, as well as my friend, John Kinder.
I can remember speaking with Todd at our ten year reunion, he looked straight into my eyes and calmly told me about his illness.I was stunned and without words.
Thank you Todd, for being a friend. Rest in peace Bro.
Armando Gallego...

11/07/09 11:40 PM #4    

Raquel Arellano

Todd had such kind eyes and the warmest smile. It is unfortunate that he left us at such a young age... Rest in peace, Todd. - Raquel

10/11/14 02:47 AM #5    

Paul Lee

This Remembrance comes from magician and author Allan Rasco who knew Todd personally and witnessed his magic first-hand. 

"I am writing a book (actually it is almost complete) and in the acknowledgment section I talk about Todd as one of the primary inspirations for me learning to do sleight of hand coin magic. The following is in the book: "I was 21 in 1976 when I walked into John Alexander’s Magic shop and, to my amazement, a room full of magicians! In that group there were two very talented magicians who preferred to do coin magic rather than card tricks like most of the other guys were doing. Todd Hampton and Lee Parks both became good friends and inspired me to want to learn close-up coin magic, or micro magic as some called it back then. Nineteen year old Todd’s hands were featured in the movie, “The Duchess and the Dirt Water Fox”, starring George Segal and Goldie Hawn. Lee, 20 at the time, is still the only person I’ve ever seen learn and flawlessly perform the routines of the great Tommy Nelson Downs, King of Coins. Both of these brother magicians tragically died at an early age but left behind a legacy that lives on through magical memories. Their inspiration is what I built my foundation of coin magic upon which eventually led to where I could write this book."

After corresponding with Allan he added this:

Hello Paul,
 I knew Todd personally and was glad to have known him as a friend. We met thru the Society of American Magicians, Assembly #136 here in Tucson in the late 70's. About 5 years (or so) latter it turned out that we both worked in Television at the same time. I worked at KVOA - TV-4 and I believe Todd worked there also but left just before I got hired and went to work for KGUN TV-9. I saw Todd at regular meetings of the magicians in his remaining years where we all saw his amazing sleight of hand skills and his life slowly slip away. The last time I recall seeing Todd was at a TV News location shoot we were both covering. In a big gathering of press photographers and reporters I saw Todd struggling to lift his massive ENG TV camera to his tripod. I had to help him lift and mount that huge $75,000 camera or he would have surely dropped it. He never complained about his illness, he thanked me and just kept working. I will never forget that scene or Todd as long as I live. And now that my life is slipping away from a congenital illness I am again inspired by his faith and determination to live this life to the fullest to the very end.
I did not go to Sunnyside High School, I was a bit older than Todd, CDO- class of 73. The reason I contacted your website was it did not allow me to post anything about him there. Without hesitation you have my permission to post the acknowledgment I wrote about Todd in my forth coming book (or any edited portion of this note). Btw, the book's title is "The Coin Collection - of - Allan Rasco". It is a teaching / technical manual of 21 of my own personal coin routines that I created and used in my Close-Up shows in over 30 years of performing as a Professional Magician. I want to honor my friend who inspired me to want to be like him and gracefully amaze and entertain with people...particularly with coins.
I know that Todd was a Christian, so I fully expect to see my friend and my brother in Christ again in the Heavens and in the Celestial City that is predicted to come down to Earth.
Allan Rasco

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